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Our Mission

Data for the Polity.

Undertaking the collection, analysis and dissemination of data related to the art of politics since 1974

Company Profile

POLIDATA is one company with two Divisions.
The product-driven section operates as
Polidata Demographic and Political Guides.
The service-driven section operates as Polidata Political Data Analysis.

The Demographic and Political Guides Division compiles data from official sources and publishes reports based upon demographic census information, political election information, and other data related to the art of politics. Publications include several series of reports: Demographic Guides, Demographic Atlases, Demographic Reports, Political Guides, Political Atlases, Political Reports, Election Yearbooks, and Election Histories.

The Political Data Analysis Division provides consulting services in the areas of Database Development, Analysis and Publication; Census and Political Data; and Litigation Support. Areas of special interest include election targeting and analysis, congressional and legislative redistricting, apportionment, voting rights, and census adjustment

Polidata was formed in 1974 by Clark Bensen, a data analyst and attorney long active in politics at the local, state and national levels.

Sample projects over the years have included: development of a nationwide election and census database; management of a nationwide precinct-level election database; support of numerous clients in the development of databases for political redistricting; election targeting analysis; establishment of legislative roll-call voting system; establishment of a statewide uniform system of election recording; establishment of a database of membership information for legislators; establishment of a database of bibliographic information for legislative publications.

The Demographic and Political Guides Division was created in 1995 to provide reference tools for demographic and political researchers. To date several reports analyzing census and election information have been published. The publications are both national and state-oriented in scope and try to provide the state/local detail with a national/state relative perspective.

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