OPTIONS FOR COLOR MAPS: (All maps printed on an inkjet printer on paper up to tabloid size.)
  1. LETTER: any one map on a sheet of letter-size 11x8.5 inch paper (landscape);
  2. TABLOID: any one map on a sheet of tabloid-size 17x11 inch paper (landscape);
  3. POSTER: maps 1+2 or 3+4 on one sheet of tabloid-size 11x17 inch paper (portrait);
  4. WALL-SIZE (C): any one map on two sheets of paper, tiled to be taped/glued together (includes county labels).
  1. LETTER: $5.00 per map (1 sheet)
  2. TABLOID: $10.00 per map (1 sheet)
  3. POSTER: $10.00 per poster sheet, $15.00 for any one set of 4 maps (2 sheets)
  4. WALL-SIZE (C): $20.00 for two sheets to be taped together (by you) (2 sheets)
  • SHIPPING/HANDLING: $4.00 for USPS Priority Mail shipped flat, add $5 for tube.
  • SALES TAX: please add 4.5% for shipping to VA addresses.
  • DISCOUNT: deduct 20% for all map sheets above 4 in number.

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